How to choose your Brooks bicycle saddle?

The Brooks company has been producing leather equipment dedicated to cycling since 1866. Attached to a know-how of more than a century, the craftsmen of Smethwick in the West Midlands in England carry out a work of goldsmith of unequaled quality.

The list of saddle models is particularly long in order to satisfy everyone. This guide aims to allow you to see a little more clearly!

There are iconic leather models with a very vintage look and Cambium models (vulcanized rubber coating designed to resist rain) with a contemporary aesthetic.

Most models can be offered in:

  • Imperial (also called Carved): Presence of a hole to relieve pressure on the perineum
  • Shorts: Design for women and their short and wide pelvis
  • Narrow: A slightly narrower saddle for sportier use
  • Special: More upscale version than the basic model with rails and / or rivets of a different and more noble material
  • Softened: Version equipped with aged leather, comfortable right out of the box
  • Organic Light: For Cambium saddles only, the base is made of a lighter cream colored resin than the standard models
  • Titanium: Titanium rails. For general relief and more comfort thanks to the spring effect offered by this material

Finally, they can also be offered with a combination of two of these characteristics.

I - Leather models

Brooks defines 3 types of positions: Bend over (45°), Medium (60°) and Upright (90°) for their line of iconic leather saddles.

Thus equipped, your urban bike, whether fixie or speed, will sport an elegant and timeless look.

Bust bends (45°):

Intermediate position (65°):

Straight position (90°):

  • B66 : Suspended saddle to be mounted on a stanchion seatpost only
    Also available in:
  • B67 : A B66 mounted on classic saddle rails
    Also available in:
  • B33 : Very vintage look with twisted steel springs, candle holder only
  • B190 : Biggest and widest, stanchion mount
  • B135 : A thinner and lighter B190, tapered binding

II - Cambium

The Cambium range is a modern interpretation of over a century of saddlery tradition.

Made from state-of-the-art materials, Cambium saddles will adapt perfectly to your urban bike, bringing it the Brooks look and quality.

To conclude, in order to offer a beautiful love story to the saddle of your dreams and to your posterior, here are some basic tips for use:

  •  To care for your Brooks leather saddle, use Brooks Proofide Leather Lotion. This nourishing cream will on the one hand nourish and protect your leather and on the other hand soften it and facilitate the running-in period.
  • A leather saddle is, like a pair of new shoes, particularly rigid at first. After a while (usually 3 to 4 weeks of daily use), the leather upholstery will begin to take the shape of your posterior and comfort will be greatly improved.
  • Most leather Brooks saddles have a bolt located under the saddle nose. This bolt, once screwed a few turns using the wrench provided, will allow you to move the front of the saddle away from the rear and thus tighten the leather covering, thus extending the life of your saddle.

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