Electric bike tires (VAE)

Electric bicycle tires are specially designed to meet the unique requirements of electrically assisted bicycles (EPBs). Here are some key features to help you make the right choice:

  • Stability and Width: Electric bike tires are more stable and wider, making them ideal for carrying weight and ensuring high comfort and better control
  • Grippy Tread: They have a grippier tread, guaranteeing safety in slippery conditions, when turning and going uphill.
  • Puncture Resistance: They offer better protection against punctures, despite higher loads
  • Braking Capacity: They have a greater capacity to withstand braking power, which reduces braking distances
  • Winter Tires: For the cold and slippery season, there are special winter tires for e-bikes that provide good grip and short, safe braking distances in slippery, snowy and icy conditions
  • Tire Pressure: The correct tire pressure for an electric bike depends on the tire width, which is indicated on the tire

These features make e-bike tires an ideal choice for riders who want a combination of comfort, safety and performance on their e-bike.

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