Cyclocross bikes

Mud and bumps

Cyclo-cross is a discipline practiced on a mixed circuit composed of paved roads, dirt roads (even muddy), elevation and small obstacles. Generally practiced in the fall and winter, piloting is difficult. Cyclists must indeed carry their bike and accomplish their ascent, all in the mud and in the rain. A technical discipline, it has long served as winter preparation for road cyclists.

The cyclocross bike revolves around a classic geometry road bike although the type of terrain is more reminiscent of mountain biking.

The main differences are in the tires and braking.

Tires: Wider than a road bike and equipped with studs (to grip in the mud), the cyclocrossman generally mounts tires between 30 and 35mm.

Braking: To chase away mud and leaves, we use cantilever-type calipers, similar to mountain bike V-brakes. Disc brakes are obviously more and more in demand for this discipline.

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