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The gravel (literally “gravel” bike in English) is a hybrid bike halfway between a racing bike and a cyclo-cross bike. Intended for sporting use, it is characterized by a road-type frame and tires with wider sections (30 to 42 mm). Versatile, it allows you to ride on asphalt and on paths.

The gravel also designed (like its cousin the touring bike) for long outings provides numerous attachment points for panniers and luggage racks .

It is generally equipped with disc brakes to survey the muddier paths and wet roads.

Why a Gravel bike?

Gravel is a new approach to cycling. It breaks the barrier between classic cyclists on paved roads and mountain bikers on dirt roads. The Gravel is THE ultra-versatile bike.

Ideal in the city, it allows you to climb sidewalks and cross potholes serenely. and fits perfectly on paths or forest trails. No need to change bikes, it works on all terrains.

It is perfectly compatible with anyone who wants to travel. With a steel or aluminum frame, the Gravel is an excellent bike for Bikepackers looking for a fast, light, comfortable and fun bike.

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