How to choose the size of your fixie / singlespeed bike frame?

When buying a new bike or frame, there always comes the fundamental question of which size to choose.

The decisive criterion is the size of the crotch , the size of the cyclist is indicative and provides a benchmark by proportionality.

For an urban bike, an adult should find their frame size by applying the formula:
Frame size = Inseam measurement in cm x 0.66

The bike is not just a calculation, the frame size given is indicative, it is better to try to know your frame size.

This gives us the following table:

Rider size Inseam size Frame size
152 to 160cm About 73cm 46cm
160 to 163cm About 75cm 48cm
163 to 167cm About 77cm 50cm
167 to 175cm About 80cm 52cm
175 to 180cm About 83cm 54cm
181 to 182 cm About 86cm 56cm
183 to 189cm About 90cm 58cm
189 to 192cm About 93cm 60cm
192 to 200cm About 97cm 62cm
200cm or more About 100cm 64cm

Frame size is actually the measurement from the bottom bracket spindle to the end of the seat tube .

The rest of the tubes of the bicycle are proportional to the latter, so we can refer to the size of the seat tube to choose a bicycle adapted to its size.

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