Rear view mirrors

The mirror is a valuable asset for urban cyclists.

It guarantees better visibility and better apprehension and anticipation of possible dangers. It allows you to adapt your changes of direction and your overtaking according to other users. Like wearing a helmet, it is not mandatory but recommended.

To choose the right mirror:

You need to figure out where you want/can put it on your bike. The most logical thing is at first to place it on the handlebars, but you can also install it at the end of it at the level of the handles to save space. These have the advantage of also being installed on racing bikes whose handlebar tape and the shape of certain handlebars are more restrictive for a classic assembly. Some models can also be fixed on the fork.

It's up to you to choose the shape that suits you and best suits the style of your bike. When it comes to security, there is no wrong choice!

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