Dynamo powered bike lights

The dynamo is a well-known lighting system that allows you to power the bicycle lights when you pedal.

It transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy, thereby powering the bicycle's headlights. Today there are two types of dynamo.

Wheel dynamo (or bottle dynamo)

It is the oldest and most classic dynamo. Located near the wheel of the bicycle, it presses against it and rubs the tire. While driving, the upper wheel of the dynamo is activated and generates electricity. It has the advantage of being light, economical and frictionless when not engaged. However, it remains unreliable under water and can lead to premature tire wear.

Hub dynamo

As its name suggests, this dynamo is directly integrated into the hub of the front wheel and powers the front and rear lights. It is the rotation of the wheel that provides the current and more friction. Its only drawback is perhaps its weight, which is a little heavier than a bottle dynamo. Otherwise it only has advantages, effective in the rain, offers better lighting performance, no friction, no adjustment, almost in theft. It is highly recommended for lovers of long hikes and bikepacking.

For more details, we invite you to read our guide: How to choose urban bike lighting?

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