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Also called “cyclist”, the shorts are specially designed to avoid friction between the crotch and the saddle. Its purpose is to improve comfort and thus increase efficiency!

For the record, the shorts date from the 1930s. It was made up of several layers, a small chamois skin, one in wool and a last in cotton, all inserted into the shorts of the cyclists.

Today, synthetic materials (foams and fibers) have greatly improved the shorts, which are more breathable, more comfortable and even more streamlined.

A few tips :

The size

Depending on the season and the temperatures, it's up to you to adapt the size of your shorts. Long in winter for cool outings, and of course short for summer and hot weather.

With or without straps, it's according to everyone's tastes and feelings. They help keep the shorts in place better and prevent them from slipping.


It is the “saddle skin” or more exactly the place of the most important friction between the saddle and the crotch. It is now reinforced with gel pockets and foams of different thicknesses to absorb shocks and prevent chafing. It is mainly the insert that makes the shorts, and it justifies the increase in price (absence of seams…)

We recommend that you take shorts that are a little tight but not too tight. If the shorts are not tight enough, they may wrinkle when you are in the saddle and this can cause chafing more easily. If they are too tight, the shorts can cause poor blood circulation. So make sure you get the right size!

It is also strongly advised not to wear underwear under the shorts.


The morphology of men and women being different, shorts specially designed for women have been created. It is therefore preferable if you are a woman to turn to dedicated products, which are more comfortable and more adapted to the shapes and the female anatomy.

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